outdoors in a cloudy winter day.....

i' m so happy for my first post in this sweet, fashionable place here in the clouds!
welcome to my world!!

this necklace is one of my favorite! it was a gift for my birthday from my sister with some other nice stuff too.. she has very good taste and she totally knows my style and what i like! it's obvious! 
thank you Liza :) :)


leather shorts: stradivarius
knitted jumper: zara
wedges: zara
necklace: achilleas accessories
bag: achilleas accessories
vintage jacket bought in a street market


  1. I love how you play with colors, great outfit!
    Hey, and it would be great if you could visit my blog and follow if you like it! I'd be glad to do the same for you! ♥ Eliza http://elizaelizabete.blogspot.com

  2. Love this green parka! I posted with a similar one today

    Kiss kiss.*Jo