effortless colorful

Needed a touch of color! Each day lately was cloudy and almost grey.. so I made my revolution :) Those bright colors can cheer you up! 

Some leopard print can change the hole look, don't you think? The material of this scarf is amazing! It is so soft and elegant.. I can wear it all day and totally every day!

There are no words for these pumps! There are shoes that you can talk to, that you are proud of.. These are that kind of shoes! I really adore them! Some will think I'm crazy but some (probably shoe-addicted) will understand! :) :)  I admit it! = shoe-addicted! 

trousers: zara
t-shirt: zara
cardigan, scarf, bag: bought in Guangzou, China
heels: berscka 
jewelery: vintage
jacket: bought from a street market

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