a walk by the sea

green is a lovely color! it symbolizes harmony, hope and growth!

this blouse is vintage... it's almost 20 years old but at the same time it is still so stylish and modern! 

trousers: stradivarius
blouse: vintage
jacket: vintage
boots: sante 


i like lace

here is a beautiful dress.. but with some black and a leather jacket it can not be romantic! all i want for today!

neon belt is a touch i love in this outfit!

dress: zara
wedges: zara
leather jacket: zara
neon belt: bought in Kowloon, Hong Kong


effortless colorful

Needed a touch of color! Each day lately was cloudy and almost grey.. so I made my revolution :) Those bright colors can cheer you up! 

Some leopard print can change the hole look, don't you think? The material of this scarf is amazing! It is so soft and elegant.. I can wear it all day and totally every day!

There are no words for these pumps! There are shoes that you can talk to, that you are proud of.. These are that kind of shoes! I really adore them! Some will think I'm crazy but some (probably shoe-addicted) will understand! :) :)  I admit it! = shoe-addicted! 

trousers: zara
t-shirt: zara
cardigan, scarf, bag: bought in Guangzou, China
heels: berscka 
jewelery: vintage
jacket: bought from a street market


chic is chic.......

these pictures where taken in an old building's roof... but chic is chic everywhere!

i love these booties! i bought them from asos.com.. when the package came to my house i was so excited!! when i receive packages with content like that it feels sooo good!

skirt: zara
shirt: zara
boots: asos.com
bag bought from my trip to Guangzou, China
rings: achilleas accessories, jools


outdoors in a cloudy winter day.....

i' m so happy for my first post in this sweet, fashionable place here in the clouds!
welcome to my world!!

this necklace is one of my favorite! it was a gift for my birthday from my sister with some other nice stuff too.. she has very good taste and she totally knows my style and what i like! it's obvious! 
thank you Liza :) :)


leather shorts: stradivarius
knitted jumper: zara
wedges: zara
necklace: achilleas accessories
bag: achilleas accessories
vintage jacket bought in a street market